Fashion Blogging-the new phenomenon, the powerful phenomenon, the revolutionary phenomenon, the phenomenon all fashion trade analysts are analyzing in terms of CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, CPS (Wow…is this the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle or what? If so, my head is WHIZ ZI NG!)  Blogging has become a phenomenon where people are using terms such as REACH, CONTENT, HITS, COPYRIGHTING, TRADEMARKING, MEASURING, CLICKS etc. etc.  Everyone wants to jump on the band-wagon and make hay while the sun shines!!  Or is it a phenomenon where the sun will always shine??

I attended the “Evolving Influence” NYFW Fashion Blogger Conference in the vibrant New York City organized by the Independent Fashion Bloggers.  It was held at the trendy Milk Studios in Chelsea and a sight to behold.  (

It was an alien-esque event.  Imagine a room full of approximately 400 stunningly beautiful people, with names starting with “@”.  Most of them less than 90 pounds…all model-like, dressed in avant-garde skimpy fashion, their outfits and body language mocking the sub-zero temperatures outside…almost saying, we belong to the “other” world, the fluctuating temperatures do not affect our programming.  They are all walking in sky high heels with absolutely no discomfort and talking to themselves into their cameras about themselves.  Wow,  if vanity was to be described in terms of “matter”…it would be at this convention.  Oh there is a caveat…a flaw in their perfect programming, apparently most of them do not have 20/20 vision and therefore, have to wear the thick rimmed black reading glasses in order to survey their radar.  In fact, in a famous blogger’s term it can be described as the man repeller phenomenon. (

Me and the talented

Without giving out my age, I was probably the dinosaur of the aliens, a specie almost ready to “crash” or “freeze.”  Oh well….that’s okay as I learnt a lot.  The “memory” in the “hardware” is still intact even if there is not much time left for the “crash”!!  (Wow I crack myself up with my own witticism!!)

I loved the speakers, especially the intelligent, eloquent and well-informed TheTonyWang. (

Me and the very cerebral and eqloquent Tony Wang

Fashion blogging has in a way taken over from print advertisement.  It has taken the fashion industry by storm.  Its reach is much farther than a fashion magazine. Almost everyone in the world loves to dress up in some form.  Almost everyone likes to look at beautiful, sexy people for some sort of real or perverted pleasure!!  Almost everyone in the world has some sort of internet connection. But how many people in the world can afford a $6.00 U.S. dollar Vogue magazine?  Hence, the power of blogging has a world-wide reach.

 It is true not all bloggers are good.  It is also true not all bloggers have a creative eye. It is further true that not all bloggers know fashion.  But deep down we all have an innate need to do something fun, pretty, beautiful and creative.  It is programmed in our hard drive…so the key is to enjoy it, to be unique and find our respective voices, to not just jump on the blogging band-wagon just because it is the easiest thing to do without holding a degree. Even if you are an amateur at fashion, use your senses to hone in your creative side and find your voice!!  Let the word RENUMERATION be secondary and not the primary goal for blogging.  Let the sun shine on us forever!!


Just read a line on style icon Carey Mulligan: “She’s got great taste; carefully avoiding anything above the knee, tight…” Buck, Joan Juliet. “The Talented Miss Mulligan.” Vogue. 2 September 2010. 30 September 2010.

As a lawyer, it set the wheels of my analytical legal mind in action as to what exactly is the definition of “good taste.” Is it subjective or objective? Can it be loosely interpreted by each individual’s own sensibilities, or do certain established standards apply to define good taste? Are being sexy and having good taste synonyms, antonyms or both? Is the good taste of one the obscenity of another? After all, there can be art form in pornography as well.

For some, an above-the-knee short (or very short) dress is taste. For others a tight fitting (even better if skin tight) dress is taste. For yet another demographic it’s chest-baring dresses, and for others if a woman wears all the above rolled into one it is the epitome of style and sex appeal. Conversely, for some (not necessarily the puritanical ones) it could have the opposite “turn off” effect.

Believe it or not, there is law on the issue of interpreting what I will call “good taste,” for the purposes of this blog. It is outlined in a 1973 Supreme Court case, Miller v. California. No, I will not belabor you with the case as we are on to something more important and interesting here.

The Court analyzed whether a certain form of art (style/fashion are forms of art) would be offensive to an “average person” applying “contemporary community standards.” I question the test, as the definition of “contemporary community standards” has significantly changed from 1973 to 2010. As a lifelong observer and student of style and fashion I have observed that any style that is not form fitting or body baring to some extent is not appreciated by the “community.” Loose clothing, no matter how stylish, is considered matronly and homely. (Right about now I can hear Stella McCartney, Alber Elbaz and Nicolas Ghesquière scoff!)

As a personal observation, and nothing against the opposite sex, I have noticed the tighter and shorter my clothes are the more admirable glances I get from my darker halves. I could run around in the most stylish and tasteful Balenciaga or Prada dress but somehow fail to pique the interest of men.

So, if we follow the above logic is it appropriate to deduce that our “community standards” adhere to a blatant exhibition of a woman’s curves? Unless a woman succumbs to such exhibitionism will she not be considered stylish? Is that in keeping with “good taste?” Has there been such degeneration in our society that style and taste is all about body-baring sex appeal?

The sad part is that we are talking about “community standards.” Most of us human beings are gluttons for approval and such approval will obviously come from a “community.” And to please that “community” we will continue to comply with the “acceptable standards of the community,” i.e. body baring tight clothing, conformity and lack of imagination!