A walk down the lingerie department of any store shows the “weight” that is placed on big breasts.  There is a head-spinning variety of chest contraptions designed for the sole purposes of “enhancing,” “lifting,” “enlarging,” and “amplifying,” the female bosom.  Words that conjure up images of torture at a concentration camp are used such as inserts, adhesives and tapes.  There is even a bra named “dramatic/extreme lift.”  I call it a neck-a-boo, the merger of the boob and neck!

Descriptive culinary words such as “cutlets” are used to achieve the décolletage effect that is apt to describe the ample bosom of culinary goddess Nigella Lawson.

Plastic surgeons are laughing their way to the bank by performing multiple enlargements, enhancements and pronouncements per day.  Breast enlargements have become so ubiquitous that you see hoardings and billboards of women laboriously stooping on the expressways flaunting toll free numbers of such clinics; strip malls have breast enhancement clinics alongside of take-away Chinese dim-sum; magazines are splattered with ads for procedures at throw-away prices with very little to no downtime.  To add legitimacy to such procedures articles are written as to how breast enlargements can lead to elevation of the self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth.

YouTube has videos demonstrating a whopping Nine Steps to breast enhancement!!  How could it possibly take 9 steps, I mean squeeze, push and voila va-va-voom!!

The old trick-of-the-trade of stuffing toilet paper down your bra for a cheap, non-intrusive lift continues to flourish.

Women’s vernacular consists of phrases such as “filling the dress,”  “creating an hourglass silhouette” “perking it up” etc. etc.

There are many facets from which a blog on flat-chested versus “enhanced” chested women can be discussed.  However, I will limit my discussion within the parameters of fashion.  If enhanced breasts are appealing to you for “lifting” your spirits, “enhancing” your self-esteem or “enlarging” your ego, then Bon Grandes!!

Time for a disclaimer here.  Some of you may be thinking right about now that this is a “case of sour grapes” blog for me.  Maybe, I the writer of this blog has always brewed a deep-seated resentment for the well-endowed woman due to my biological misfortune of “inability to fill my dress.”  Let me reassure my critics, this is not the case.  I have always been big-chested and believe me I still find the grapes to be sour!!


The irony is that these “enhanced women” tend to idolize women who are themselves flat-chested!!  Most women look at fashion magazines, runway shows and models as an inspiration for beauty and fashion.  Flip through any magazine or watch any runway show and you will see model after model with a pancake chest, displaying the latest styles and trends.  Fashion runways are strewn with flat-chested models walking sullenly down the ramp.

To add to the irony, most of the large-chested models you may see on the runway or in magazines are usually associated with eroticism and definitely not with style or fashion.  Most of such “enhanced women” are either posing for some erotic product such as condoms or in politically correct terms for products related to  “horizontally challenged” women.  I am sure this is not the effect the fashionable woman is aiming for.

Interestingly, most fashion designers opt only for flat-chested models.  The fashion industry lauds flat-chested women.  They are an indispensable and integral part of fashion houses.  The primary reason is that these women carry off the clothes better than big-chested women. Flat-chested women look modern; they look fashionable and uber stylish.  My point is further endorsed by the fact that I have never ever seen a big-chested girl walk down the Grand Palais runway for the Chanel show, or have seen one in a cerebral Prada dress or in a convoluted pose for a Marc Jacobs spread.
Now in all fairness, high-end designers do want stick-thin models and unless you defy the norms of nature, it will be an oxymoron to be stick thin and also have big breasts.

I personally have never ever understood the lure flat-chested women have for big breasts.  Maybe indeed it is a case of sour grapes.  In my opinion big breasts are not fashionable or stylish.  They can be erotic, seductive, sexy but significantly hinder your fashion and style choices.

Most clothes do not fit well on big-busted women.  They are fashion-restrictive.  They hamper a full exploration of fashion as the styles  are limited.  You are limited to only a few types of necklines and silhouettes, unless you want to walk around looking like you are perpetually ready for an audition for the Playgirl magazine.  Stylish, edgy clothing is not designed for big-chested women.  Buttons pop constantly and you have to have a limitless supply of safety pins for security purposes.

In addition they even put a damper on enjoyment.  Dance moves are limited to avoid looking like a clip from Girls Gone Wild.  Sports and aerobics in particular require extreme contraptions.

To top it all, big breasts add weight to the overall frame and no fashionable woman wants that!

In the end, all my blogs return to the running theme of conformity.  Conformity dictates being big-breasted; non-conformity states shun the rules.  If you are blessed with being flat-chested enjoy it and consider yourself in the elite group of the likes of Kate Moss and Karlie Kloss.

  • Interesting subject and you make some valid points. I once consulted a woman whose job is to counsel biological men on how to look like women. She told me there are two things that signal female identity — breasts and hair. Big breasts and big hair are culturally associated with female beauty.

  • I had to laugh at the truth of this. I was very large breasted as a young woman and attracted all sorts of attention I did NOT want. Then, I breastfed all three of my daughters and with each one the breasts shrunk a bit so that now they are a very friendly size.

  • Janiece:

    Excellent post. I have big breasts and they are nothing but a pain, in many of the ways you describe. I so envy flat-chested girls!

  • Albert:

    I like the distinction you make between fashion, where sexuality is more implied and sometimes even ambiguous, and eroticism, which tends to more explicit and unoriginal.

  • I enjoyed reading this post the truth, humour, and also love the points that you touched upon here Ambu. I remember growing up wishing I had my sisters large breasts, but as I got older I was quite happy with my normal, not flat … perhaps average or as Terri brilliantly puts it, “very friendly size” chest, lol. I was also in sport so, later I saw the benefit of being thankful with what I was blessed with.

    In design school we were forced to only work with the size 2/4 forms which were quite flat chested … it was so impractical, because when it was time to fit a garment for the actual models, many of them actually had full breasts. I’ve found through my experience working in the fashion industry that many designers and coodinators also like using the flat chested models because they can control the level of sexuality exuded rather than having to use a big chested model and work around her breast size. Fashion, go figure!
    I believe Mark Fast is one of the few designers who have used well-endowed models on the runway. :-)

  • Oh friend, I feel you. I have always been large chested and it has hindered me more than brought me any kind of positive thinking. I honestly think this is a case of the grass is greener, I LOVE a boy chest I honestly think they can get away with more as well as fit clothes better meanwhile one of my best friends who is a bit of a pancake totally wishes she’s had more of a bosom. I think it’s really always our nature to want what we don’t have and the added over sexualizing of breasts I think also leads to women thinking they would be sexier with a big cup size. Oh I wish we didn’t even think of these things.

  • Ambu, your posts are always so razor sharp. Clothes definitely look and feel better with small breasts. Woman have been brainwashed to think having big breasts are what makes them appealing, sexy. By whose standards? Why has a male obession turned into a woman’s necessity or, inadequacy. Don’t we carry around enough in our LV bags? (Tivoli, by the way, is my fav) I happen to be among the small breasted of our sisters and happy to turn my nose up at harnesses of any kind, especially the under-wire variety. Do you know a cami is as good as a harness for a small breasted woman? Ah, the freedom.

  • This was a fun read … lol … but as you mentioned in the end, I too am happy the way I am!

    ∞ © ∞

  • Rosaina:

    I can’t thank you enough! You made me feel much much better now. Not because I’m flat chested, but because I finally read something that doesn’t attack the flat-chested figure. I personally love the stick thin body and small breasts, it’s just so elegant and powerful.

    I’m sick of all this revolutionary propaganda idolizing the “curvy” and “big boobed” girls like Kim Kardashian, Christina Hendricks, etc. I was so repulsed by the fact that a lot of people were absolutely happy that Kate Upton was about to set a new modeling standard with her huge breasts. Big breasts don’t have a place in the real world (or the fashion world for that matter); they only have a place in pornography, erotica, and breastfeeding.

    Still, I don’t understand why MOST women are obsessed with big breasts, as you said; they don’t add any extra points to your fashionability and they’re not convenient… So is it because these women want to be walking sex objects all the time? Is that what our life is about? Erotica?!
    It’s not sad that a lot of girls are starving themselves to become thin, what’s actually sad is our society is only revolving around erotica and “being sexy”. I don’t want to believe this, but if our lives only revolved around sex, then cats and dogs have more values than we do.

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