This blog is especially dedicated to dear Cameron of 33 avenue Miquelon for the humorous and thoughtful feature she wrote about me.  Thank you Cameron, I truly feel honored!

Cameron is a journalist and a Francophile.  Periodically she introduces her readers to the language of love by interspersing French phrases into her blogs.  Although, I must say I feel somewhat uncultured and unsophisticated when I have to use to know the exact meaning of the phrases she uses.  Cameron, I will be working on my French more diligently, I promise!

I love Cameron’s witticism and tongue-in-cheek humor.  She can truly be “laugh-out-loud” funny.  She has a wide radar and writes about fashion, music and even a post titled Autostyle-The Five Rides of Summer 2011.  How many of us can write a post on a convertible mini Cooper with all the specs included along with photos taken by Lachlan Bailey for Harper’s Bazaar.  Talk about a colossal radar!  On a personal note, I love Cameron as she is a fellow Public Radio supporter.

Read Cameron’s blog or follow her on twitter @CameronMiquelon for petite pleasures on fashion, cars, music and thought provoking photography.  Thank you again, Cameron!  BISOUS (I think I got all my singulars and plurals mixed up, sorry Cameron!)

  • Definitely trust your choice. Checking out her blog now! :)

    ♥ from ©

  • Je vous remercie madame ! I’ve had part of a blog post devoted to me once, as well as a brief mention, but now I have a whole post thanks to you!

    No worries about « bisous » . I’ve seen it that way and some other ways on French blogs as well. ;)

    Speaking of working on our French, I really need to work on it more; plan to visit France someday.

    Anyway, thank you again madame. Happy to have made your day; thank you for making mine. Bisous ! xoxoxoxoxo

  • Ambu, I’m for sure checking her blog and I’m glad that you got something amusing written about you!
    You are very knowledgeable, your written has a sense of humor and great pop culture intake.

  • Just came back from Cameron’s blog and I loved the way she wrote about you.
    I adore you Ambu and I miss you..
    Will see in Sept again in NYC
    Lee x

  • Albert:

    I like Cameron’s blog a lot. She’s very smart and has a great sense of humor. And I think she got your essence exactly, Ambuji.

  • Loved reading about you, she did an amazing job at describing you and your style….which is very hard to do…since you my friend are one of a kind!


  • OH yay!!! I just came back from Cameron’s blog on you…she sums you up in the best way. Really stylish, smart, caring, lovely in all ways possible. Her blog seems full of charm! Will definitely keep track of her.

  • Sharp and sensed with humor- Cameron is a force to be stylishly reckoned with. Good feature on a great blogger.

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