A vignette of an upcoming blog.   Design, form, construction, space, utility.  Think about it.

  • Ambu, the shoes and stockings are fantastic but her body proportions don’t look humans but something taken out of Area 51!
    Maybe is because I’m only 5’5′ but her long extremities are making me feel a bit short!

  • Ofelia you are too funny!! You are right the legs look unearthly, but there is a point to it that will be clarified in my new blog : ))

  • Oh my.. Those leggings are amazing.. Should I try it on? hahaha
    lee x

  • Wooooooaaaaaah. I love it! So graphic.

  • Wow darling, I am so exited for your post! And Lee, you so should go for it.

  • Ooooh excitement for this new blog that you speak of, I think this photo is striking. I love the body language in this, exuding confidence, I feel this is an image of a person who is strong, confident, but wants to influence us by her style, hence the positioning of those fee – maybe not, but it’s what I feel… and love the elongated legs here, making even more of an impact to remember.

  • meant, the positioning of the *feet! (sorry, international keyboard gets the best of my typing at times) lol

  • I love these thigh highs and heels!! Seriously coveting this look! And the length of leg! My word – she must be 6 feet tall!! Where can I find this hosiery??

  • They do look like never ending limbs ;)

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