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I live in Los Angeles.  The land of dreams.  The City of Angels.  The Abode of Heavenly Bodies.  Heavenly Bodies that appear to be ethereal and from another planet, orbiting in space.

They are beautiful, tight and taut.  There is no sag or lag; no limpness or looseness; no flaccid or float.  There is a hardness, a firmness not only in their bodies, but their smiles, laughs and expressions.

The expressions of bursting with joy; stricken with grief; shocked out of the wits; startled with surprise and an angry furrowed brow are obliterated.  An even, mellow, unwavering prosaical expression replaces the above expressions.

I wonder at times, how does it feel to experience tightness in the facial muscles during a smile or when there is a mercurial rise of temper the inability to frown.  Uncomfortable, I am sure.

Plastic surgery, Botox, Implants are as prevalent in Los Angeles as Bikram’s Yoga.  It is anywhere and everywhere.  An acceptable norm, not limited to the elite few but prevalent in the general masses.  There are billboards according to ethnic geographical diversifications for nose jobs, boob jobs, nips, tucks, sucks, enhancements, padding and a surplus of dermatological jargon.

I am a realist and not an advocate of the dictum “beauty is from within.”  I have seen many people with hearts of gold, but not necessarily “beautiful” in the socially acceptable meaning of the term.  True, you can see the goodness in their faces, but physically not “beautiful.” 

Therefore, I amenable to self “improvement”, making yourself look “better,” and deriving confidence from it.  I am not against cosmetic plastic surgery.  In fact, I am developing a deep crevice between my brows (which of course is due to my deep, reflective and pondering nature haha) that I could take care of and have deeply thought of it, with an intensely furrowed brow!

What abstains me from poking myself with a paralytic solution are the women below.  Women who have embraced their age, their sag, their fissures and jiggles.  These are women who of course, have been blessed with physical attributes to start with.  But, their bodies and faces have succumbed to inevitable Aging.  They are like the “ruins” of the coliseum in Rome, magnificent in its beauty despite the ravage.  These women are resplendent with confidence and acceptance of who they are.  They have accepted themselves with open arms, sans doubt. 

isabella rossellini

Isabella Rossellini, the Italian model and actress with royal lineage.  One of the most exquisite women in the world, at least for me.  She is the daughter of Ingrid Bergman.  Of course, she has the Mediterranean gene of great skin and hair, which cannot be discounted.  But she embraces her toothy smile, lines on her face and bags under her eyes with splendor.  She is dazzling.

Ines De La Fressage is a 52 year old Parisian model, the muse of Karl Lagerfeld at one time and bold enough to pose naked on a magazine cover and admit that it was photo shopped. 

Louise Bourgeois, a sculptor, a painter, an artist.  Imagine if Louise had cosmetic plastic surgery done.  Would her face still narrate the enigmatic story of her life, her idiosyncratic nature and her adventures?  No.  Her face would be like a stretched piece of hide, storyless, lifeless and comatose.

Do whatever it is to make you feel like a Heavenly Body.  But, at the back of your mind remember the spectacular “ruins” of the coliseum, not perfect but grand.

  • Ambu, great post and so true. Here in South Florida you see (Specially Miami Beach and Downtown Ft Lauderdale) so many non-human looking faces on both men and women that I’m always turning my head in disbelieve that someone would thought that looking this way is attractive or “normal”.

  • I love this post and this warms my heart, “Do whatever it is to make you feel like a Heavenly Body. But, at the back of your mind remember the spectacular “ruins” of the coliseum, not perfect but grand.” True story. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Albert:

    I know a lot of women disagree, but I actually like to see facial wrinkles on women. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s more personal, more expressive, more human. Beautiful perspective on beauty, Ambuji!

  • Love this post, totally agree with aging gracefully another woman who admire for doing the same is Diane Von Furstenberg.


  • I have nothing against others have work done. I guess if they need it for confidence, they’re doing it to feel better about themselves.I would nver personally do it though.
    I really admire the women you’ve picked out, who’ve embraced their ages. Isabella Rossellini is still absolutely gorgeous.

  • I love this post as well & had to comment! I’ve always thought of Isabella as the complete package beauty. Honestly, there are various reasons I do not live in LA, but since I have to visit there for work from time to time, I do see what you mean and whilst encompassed by all of the nip/tucking going on it is difficult at times to see what’s real and not! There’s something beautiful about aging, and nowadays by the way (some) women have embraced their age gracefully like the examples that you’ve given above. These are stunning women with life stories. More women should remember that there’s no “perfect” person… Beauty to me shows flaws and all & not necessarily talking about the exterior, walking confidently and being comfortable in ones skin. However, to each his/her own, especially if altering/surgery provides bits of confidence needed… but no nip/tucking for “moi!” lol

    *Random note: In another life I very much would loved to have taken classes taught by the great Bourgeois! :)

  • J keeps say he wants to do a bit of Botox.. I never disagree with her at any stage. I just told him that I will be doing in the future just a little.. hahaha
    I am brazilian (you know that). i won’t wrinkle.. I will sag :(…
    LA can be plastic all the time but everywhere can be.
    We live in a world/industry is very judgmental.. “the human eye”. You can still be you but not like “the kardeshians” lol
    Lee x

  • I do not think I will opt for it … I am 29 and have been working on my skin and body since I turned 24 … to make sure I am able to lead a healthy life ‘naturally’ … I do like wrinkles. The natural ones, not the ones due to excessive smoking, weight loss or stress … but the ones which come with age and show how many chapters of your life have been read! :)

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