Even before I knew what the name Anika meant, I paid Anika a compliment on the softness on her face.  Her expression is angelic and winsome; bright and clear, for all to see.  Then, I read that Anika means “Sweet Face.”  Hence, dispensing the adage, “what is in a name?”  Anika’s name is a window to her soul.  The gentle expression on her face and the kindness in her expressive eyes are aptly in keeping with the meaning of her name-Sweet Face.

Anika’s blogs are evident of a blogger on a journey of self-worth and improvement.  She has been through many upheavals in her life, but her writing and blogs are devoid of any cynicism or agendas.  In fact, she comes out to be a strong and confident woman constantly on the virtuous path of self-realization.  Her blogs are thoughtful and introspective.  For example she recently posted a blog on “The art of not feeling threatened by the beauty of others.”  She makes a self-admission as to how once upon a time she was threatened by beautiful women, but developed self-value, overcame negative thoughts and now admires beautiful women.  Anika is mindful and gracious.

What is most appealing about Anika is the generosity of her spirit and big heart.  She single-handedly proves that the more one gives, the more one receives.  She features other bloggers on her site selflessly and with no thought of making herself the “Star” of her blog.  She promotes other bloggers and spreads the love.  Of course, the love comes back to her in many folds as I see her name as one of  the most mentioned names on the #FF (Friend Friday) list!   

She is a motivational and uplifting fashion blogger, worth following! (

Thank you Anika for making me the recipient of your love and generosity and featuring me on your blog.

  • Cara, I am just blown away! Thank you for the love! I will keep your words in my heart. I am so grateful to know you, to keep getting to know you better. I am so happy we connected! Love, Anika

  • I adore Anika.

  • I agree with all of this! And what an appropriate name for such a lovely person with a big heart such as Anika! -xxoo

  • She is so cute and extremely fashionable. Even knowing I have never met ANIKA but she seems an adorable person.
    Lee x

  • OMIGOSH…TRUE STORY!! I did not know the meaning of Anika’s name and it completely suits this endlessly generous wonderful woman. I love her like it’s my job, for real.

  • Ella:

    You both seem like nice people. That was an interesting interview…
    I like the last photo; it looks like you were born with a cappuccino in your hand.
    That shirt is nice too.

  • You both are lovely and gracious-evident even in the small amount of time I have interacted with the both of you.


  • Albert:

    This is such a touching post. Anika is very beautiful and inspirational. The essence of fashion. Bravissima!

  • Anika’s presence in the bloggersphere validates my personal belief that the best way to “build yourself” is to build community. Anika, from the get go has been warm, nurturing and supportive of her fellow fashion bloggers, generously not only featuring her faves on her blog, sharing her depth, her insight in her blog comments, her facebook exchanges, and her tweets. Anika is smack dab in the heart of MY blogging community and because of her honest and friendly approach to blogging, we are allowed the luxury of a community that is changing and improving our lives. Not bad for a humble woman from Oslo! -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  • You ever know someone whose daily words make your heart swell with joy and love? That is the effect Anika has on me everyday. I am so very grateful to have come to know her. I treasure her friendship and sweet spirit. i hope one day to give her a huge bear hug face to face!! :)

  • Ambu, so glad you featured our beloved Anika. She is so beautiful, inside and out. And you are right: What is most appealing about Anika is the generosity of her spirit and big heart. I simply adore her!

  • Thank you again my darling Ambu, and thank you everyone who wrote such kind words. I carry them in my heart.

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