Disclaimer: I am not a religious fundamentalist. I won’t say I am a secular person either. I honor and respect all faiths, religions and sects. I believe in truth, honesty, transparency, goodness and all virtues that could be defined as divine or sacred. Fashion is close to divinity. It is a creative expression of our being. It is a window to our soul. I have Faith in my sense of Fashion.

Rag and Bone skirt; Marc Jacobs sweater; Prada boots

I recently went to a South Indian temple in California. It is located in picturesque rolling hills, surrounded by the magnificent crystal blue waters of the Pacific Ocean in the extremely exclusive and elusive community of Malibu. Although the city gives you the impression of a sleepy town, you will be jolted from your slumber by sightings of the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox eating an all organic, vegan, dairy free, wheat free, gluten free burger! So, what will that be like?…a biodegradable plate full of lettuce with organic ketchup?

The temple although modern, is modeled after the ancient temples in South India with intricate engraving and carvings.

It is a tranquil place and I am drawn to it. Of course, the lure of the delectable South Indian food served at the temple adds to the allure.

Elle magazine shot Julia Roberts at the temple for the promotion of the movie Eat, Pray and Love. Of course, now my undisciplined mind associates the temple more with the glamorous images of Julia Roberts wearing a gorgeous Dries Van Noten swing coat rather than serenity.

Fashion is akin to having faith. One of the definitions of faith is to have a confident belief or trust in a person or thing. Most of us lack faith in ourselves, especially when it comes to fashion. We constantly have a battle with our inner being where the mind with its myriad of complexities tells the unadulterated soul, “I can’t wear stripes as I am too fat; I can’t wear flats as I am too short; I can’t wear bright colors as they are too loud; I can’t wear short hair because men don’t like it, etc.”

Such lack of faith limits us from fully exploring and uncovering our true self, our being, our soul. Such personal battles are examples of lack of faith in ourselves; lack of faith in our ability to fully explore our identities and an overall a lack of confidence.

Have Faith in yourself and explore the unbounded potential of Fashion.


  • Well said Ambu. Some people try to find excuses not to feel or look confortable what they always wanted.
    I understand some religious don’t allow some people to wear certain things. (Remember Sex and The City 2?).. haha
    Designers had fantastic inspirations through some religion and they came out beautifully.

    First thing anyone needs to have is confidence.. If you have that.. you will find your style for sure.
    Ps.. Love your outfit..
    lee x

  • I like this idea. It’s true that confidence helps you bring out your style. Faith helps you manifest your potential.

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