We as human beings have an innate desire to be physically admired and liked. It gives our ego a boost of confidence and strengthens our self-esteem. How do we achieve this?  The answer is by being BOLD!!

Unfortunately, most of us try our level best to fit into a “mold” of conformity all our lives and never fully explore the limitless potential to express our indivdual style sense and the infinite fashion opportunities that lie ahead of us. Life is fleeting so take the risk and be BOLD!!

  • Agree about taking risks and trying other garments out our comfort zone.
    Dior Homme has done an entire AW 11 collection of loose fits and I can’t wait to try a few pieces.

    I was very much obsessed with Bottega Veneta’s explosion of colour. I see myself very much in that category,
    Lee x

  • I adore the print of that dress! It is so interesting. I like how loose it is too. Unfortunately, here I think the wind would blow right up it and turn me into a popsicle :) But I think it looks great on you and I am loving your videos.

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